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Crackmasters Windshield Repair and Replacement is a full service, SGI Accredited Automotive Glass Service providing glass repairs and replacements throughout the Saskatoon region. Stone chip repairs, stone bruise repairs, complete auto glass service for all makes and models of cars & trucks.
Crackmasters by Dent Clinic
Auto Glass Repair & Replacement When you have damaged auto glass, whether it's a windshield or window, you have two options. You can have the damage repaired, or you can replace the auto glass. Far More than a Cosmetic Annoyance Auto glass is a critical component of a vehicle’s safety system. Did you know that passenger side airbags need a structurally intact windshield to function properly? Don’t put yourself or family at risk by delaying the repair or replacement of your damaged auto glass. First and Only at Crackmasters!  Others “repair” auto glass by attempting to stop cracks from spreading or filling cracks with resin that simply isn’t strong enough to hold in an accident; both techniques can put you at risk. Repairing damaged auto glass can save you money, but if the repair doesn’t keep you safe it’s not worth it. Our patented technology makes a Crackmaster auto glass repair the strongest part of your windshield! Crackmasters can repair auto glass damage ranging from chips to long cracks up to 20 inches in length. Quality Auto Glass Replacement with Lifetime Warranty and Free Rock Chip Repairs* If we can’t fix it, nobody can! But some auto glass damage can’t be safely repaired. Fortunately, the quality of our auto glass replacement is unmatched. Unlike other auto glass repair and replacement companies, our certified technicians use the full-cut method to remove the old adhesive, ensuring the strongest bond and the best seal on the replacement windshield. Plus, we use only high-quality, OE replacement auto glass – low-quality auto glass can pose the same risks as an improper repair – and we still offer industry-leading prices and value.
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