Abernethy Business Community Directory. 

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A Comprehensive List Of Companies Throughout Abernethy Saskatchewan 
Offering Products & Services For The Local Area Markets.
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General Business Directory

Abernethy Cemetery 
South East part of village 
Township: SW 25-20-11 W2 
GPS: 50.742953,-103.412976 
Abernethy, SK 
S0A 0A0 
Abernethy Co-op 
110 Main Street 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-2122 
Automotive – Service Stations Gasoline, Oil and Natural Gas 
Abernethy Nature-Heritage Museum 
Main St, Box 125 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 335-2202 
Society - Museums 
ABS Brokerage and Consulting 
Main St 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-4445 
Agriculture – Grain Brokers 
Agricultural Society 
Box 177 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 270-6394 
Anela’s Day Spa and Gifts 
123 Main Street 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-2172 
Christ Anglican Church 
227 Burton Street 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
Community Curling & Ice Rink 
Off Qu’Appelle Avenue on east side of the village 
Abernethy, SK 
S0A 0A0 
Fire Hall 
125 Main Street 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
Garratt Seed Farms 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-4806 
Agriculture – Seeds and Bulbs Retail 
Grammy’s Place 
129 Main Street 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 331-9149 
Knox United Church 
404 Qu’Appelle Ave 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
Ph: (306) 335-2221 
Fax: (306) 335-2285 
Lions Park 
Abernethy & District Campground RV Park
Assiniboia Avenue 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-2064 
Midway Auction Services 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-4500 
Society - Auctioneers 
Motherwell Homestead 
3 km South of Abernethy off Hwy 22 
GPS: 50.4346N, -103.2527W 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-2116 
Rural Municipality of Abernethy No. 186 
PO Box 249 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
Ph: (306) 333-2044 
Fx: (306) 333-2285 
Senior’s Center 
137 Main Street 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-2271 
Tri-Way Fertilizer Limited 
Hwy 22 
Abernethy, SK  S0A 0A0 
(306) 333-2244 
Agriculture - Fertilizers 

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