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A Comprehensive List Of Companies Throughout Alvena Saskatchewan 
Offering Products & Services For The Local Area Markets.
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General Business Directory



Alvena Co-op

100 Railway Ave,

Alvena, SK

S0E 0E0

(306) 943-2006

Business - Co Operative Organizations



Alvena Hardware

106 2nd St W,

Alvena, SK

S0E 0E0

(306) 943-2011

Food and Beverage - Liquor Stores



Alvena Insurance Agency (1983) Limited

100 Main St,

Alvena, SK

S0E 0E0

(306) 943-2155

Business Services - Insurance General - SGI



Alvena Village Office

101 Main St,

Alvena, Sk

S0E 0E0

(306) 943-2101

Society - Urban, Regional And Rural Planners



R.M. of Fish Creek No. 402

Box 160

Wakaw, SK

S0K 4P0

Ph: (306) 233-4412

Fx: (306) 233-5234


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